A competitive pickup Ultimate game in Berkshire County, MA. While this is not a casual game, we are friendly, and inexperienced players are certainly welcome if you have a desire to learn and a willingness to be coached. We play year-round twice a week.

Getting in Touch

Your best bet is to join our Facebook Group. We also have an email list we use for announcements (mostly for coordinating the winter/indoor season).

What to Bring

A white shirt, a dark shirt, cleats, water, and your member ID number*. Cleats are optional, but most everybody else will be wearing 'em.

* Member ID Number? What the...?

We are required to carry liability insurance, which we get through USA Ultimate (USAU). Therefore, everyone who plays with us must be (or become) a USAU member or affiliate with a signed USAU waiver for the current calendar year, and must be on the Berkshire Ultimate USAU roster. Please take care of the USAU stuff at their membership page before you arrive, bring your member number, and we'll add you to our roster. If you just want to play pickup with us should join as an affiliate, which is much cheaper. Pick AUDA as the affiliate organization. If you later decide you want to become a full USAU member (like to play in USAU tourneys), you can upgrade for the cost difference.


We play year round, generally Sundays and Thursdays. Hop on Facebook and ask for the latest, since it varies from season to season.